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3810 Series

Next generation materials, these plates are light weight and highest quality in their class. Finished with a durable wrap and water resistant coating, they deliver unsurpassed quality.

4401 Series

Finished with a CORDURA® nylon wrap, our 400 Series armor is highly durable, water resistant and has enhanced resistance to tear and abrasions.

Trust the best body armor to protect you in real world tactical situations.


Our products have been protecting brave men and women in the military and for more than 20 years. We provide that same heritage of protection and confidence to the heroes of law enforcement with our line of cutting edge ballistic resistant body armor.

Our products are engineered to exceed the rigorous National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards.

Tests are conducted at world-class laboratories under the most stringent protocols to ensure your armor provides complete protection.


Our armor is manufactured to the highest quality standards at our state of the art facility in Aberdeen, Washington, USA.

We specialize in the research, engineering, design, production and fulfillment of body armor solutions, using only the finest materials available, so you can rely on the performance you expect when it counts most.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Improved comfort and fit is a distinguishing factor between single and multi-curve designs. The more comfortable the armor is to wear, the more likely it is to be worn. Multi-curve models are designed to fit more ergonomically and anatomically when positioned against the human torso. This translates into an improved range of motion and longer wearability in the field. Hesco offers both single and multi-curve models to accommodate most any budget. For more information consult our Fitted for Purpose guide.

Generally, plate shape is a matter of personal preference or a choice made at law enforcement or other department levels. Shooter Cuts with more severe shoulder angles offer an increased range of motion. SAPI Cuts with slightly less severe angles are a military cut now available for law enforcement and other use. Some users prefer Full Cut with no shoulder cut-off angles for use as a backplate. For more information contact info@roundstopper.com.

In addition to possible department regulations, some factors to consider regarding NIJ Level include: Select armor designed to defeat ammunition used in your own firearm or in weapons known to be used in the area you patrol; know if your armor will be used as part of an Active Shooter Kit or worn for extended periods; know what firearms are used by your workforce; be aware of sport shooting or hunting in your area. For more information contact info@roundstopper.com.

Cordura® nylon is the rugged, tear and water-resistant fabric covering used on most Hesco armor models. We also offer a sprayed-on polyurea coating by Rhino Liner® as an option on some models.

Function Form  Protection

Body armor doesn’t have to be a big mystery. We created a simple process where you can get a great deal, and trust the plates you wear. Be Prepared, with Round Stopper.

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