Round Stopper

Real world body armor solutions to help you improve your battlefield dominance through safety and protection that works with you. 

Solutions That Work

We engineer products that inspire confidence in military, security and environmental applications. We invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency. We continue to develop new applications and innovations for protective systems, and we maintain integrity and innovation in everything we create.

We Are Your Professionals
Delivering to the Military, Law Enforcement, and Beyond

Our amazing products include environmental and security barriers, border security, hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, and ballistic resistant armor plates.

We continue to innovate protective systems, whether an earth-filled barrier or protective body armor, we maintain integrity and innovation in everything we create, and we remember that our legacy began with the need to find the right rapid, reliable and robust solution to protect critical assets.


Design to fit and integrate with your current armor system.


Engineered to be cost effective without compromising on quality.



Highly durable, water resistant and has enhanced resistance to tear and abrasions.


Next generation materials and concepts to maximize every possible protection point.